Why I Started The Tayshana "Chicken" Murphy Foundation This foundation was formed in honor and loving memory of Tayshana Dejenea "Chicken" Murphy. Tayshana was a high school basketball star and basketball playground legend who on the early morning of September 11th met her physical demise by two executioners. The reason for creating this foundation is to add on her legacy in which her spirit will live forever as well as serve at risk teens likely to be victims of violence. I felt that that getting my family and close friends involved would help us touch more lives in the community. With the help of family and friends the foundation will create youth support programs and support other organizations who have similar programs to serve our young people in communities across New York City and eventually the Nation. I feel that teenagers and young adolescents should be cultivated and nurtured so that anything they set their minds on is within their grasp. My plan for this foundation is to assist in the growth of young people. We will have a leadership program in which professionals will teach young men and women how to be leaders in their communities. In turn these young people will go into prospective schools and spread our message of education, teamwork, and unity in the community. I want to show an "each one teach one" support system that can be applied socially and economically while sowing a seed for peace. The strongest people I have encountered have accomplished great things by uplifting themselves and not by self-destruction. Tayshana loved her family and gave back to her peers, young children, and babies in her community. So I find it only right that in her honor we try to get back to loving ourselves and our neighbors. We need to create opportunities for all people to live prosperous in a more peaceful environment. The only way to achieve our goal is by changing the hearts and minds of people. The best place to start is our youth. By supporting them and showing them that in having a more peaceful,loving and caring attitude towards themselves and others, we can achieve many more substantial goals. There is reward in doing the right thing and keeping a positive attitude. We will show that by rewarding scholarships and funding young entrepreneurs. Tayshana overcame many obstacles and adversities to become a success young student athlete. Tayshana also persevered with the intent to give back to her family and community. So I feel it is only right that my family continue to give back to all young people like she would have done. Tayshana made two statements prior to her death that stand out in my mind. "Dad I will make you proud" She has made me a proud father. "We are going to change the world" I feel we have started to change the world with this foundation. We will strive to better our existence in peace. I will keep my mind open to any suggestions or programs that will assist our youth in being the best that they can be. Thank you from a loving dad, Founder Taylonn Murphy
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