S.I.M.B.A. - STRONG INTELLIGENT MINDS BUILDING ALLIANCES Mission of S.I.M.B.A. S.I.M.B.A. is a youth empowerment skills/discipline employment program. The objective of this program is to provide the youth with the necessary life skills for gainful employment or starting their own small business. S.I.M.B.A. is also an alternative to youth violence. S.I.M.B.A. deals with our youth similarities instead of exploiting their differences. S.I.M.B.A. teaches our youth teamwork, discipline and self worth. S.I.M.B.A. also teaches basic economics and shows our youth how to become entrepreneurs. My belief is that all young people have an inner greatness that need to be groomed, nurtured and cultivated. S.I.M.B.A. is one of the answers. FOUNDER OF S.I.M.B.A PROGRAM TAYLONN MURPHY SR. Copyright 2014 Taylonn Murphy Sr.
SIMBA Tayshana Chicken Murphy Foundation
L.I.O.N - Love In Our Neighborhood L.I.O.N is a community initiative the foundation has formed in the West Harlem and Upper West Side communities to promote sharing of ideas, knowledge,  and culture.  The foundation is bridging the gap between adolescents, young adults, parents, and senior citizens in Upper Manhattan. FOUNDER OF L.I.O.N PROGRAM TAYLONN MURPHY SR. Copyright 2015 Taylonn Murphy Sr.
Both Sides Of The Gun: An In Depth Look Into Gun Violence   The objective of this seminar is to be a deterrent to gun violence by examining the effects gun violence has on both sides of the spectrum and community.   The seminar will be an hour long in depth look into the feelings and viewpoints of the victim's family (i.e.  the father) and the perpetrator's family (i.e. the mother) using the case of Tayshana "Chicken" Murphy. Tayshana "Chicken" Murphy was a nationally ranked rising female basketball star that was gunned down in her building, a NYC Harlem Housing Development. Seven categories are highlighted during the seminar: 1. Cause.  Conflict between two rival housing developments resulting in the death of one person and the incarceration of another person. 2. Initial Shock.  Feelings and reactions when first learned of murder. 3. Funeral/Arrest.  Both parties’ feelings during this time. 4. Bereavement.  Coping after the murder. 5. Aftermath.  Effects murder and media had on community  and family. 6. Conflict/Turmoil.  Physical and psychological impact murder had on family and community. 7. Solutions.  Thoughts on healing and preventing further victims of violence. The seminar Both Sides Of The Gun examines the pain of two families from opposite sides of the gun which shall serve as a powerful deterrent to gun violence. We pray that this forum changes the hearts and minds of our youth.
SIMBA Both Sides of the Gun Tayshana Chicken Murphy Foundation  
Family Response Team  Our team of "family responders" are a support system and network for the families of those who lost a loved one to gun violence. The team provides families a path to bereavement, peer support for family trauma, and the powerful bond of peace.  During National Crime Victim’s Rights Week the foundation hosts Two Steps Forward: A Dance to Heal the Soul, a community event that will allow families to come together for a night of revelry and merriment. The event includes a few testimonials and award presentations. The foundation invites parents and relatives from various communities that lost family members due to senseless gun violence to our event.
Chicken #15 Productions
We have created a photography and film production team called Chicken #15 Productions. This team of young people will be responsible for creating the documentary based on Tayshana Chicken Murphy. Starting in September 2016 Chicken #15 Productions began teaching a free kids photography/video class in QueensBridge Houses. Please enjoy the latest commercial created by Chicken #15 Productions "Kids Behind The Camera" Photography Class. Our kids are ages 6 - 12 and are enthusiastic about learning photography, video and sound editing, script writing and makeup design.

Ball N Peace Citywide Showcase 2016 Tayshana Chicken Murphy Ball N Peace Citywide Showcase and All Star Game Commercial

The Ball N Peace Citywide Basketball Showcase is a round robin tournament including eight (8) young women’s teams playing in honor of Tayshana “Chicken” Murphy and the other young people who have lost their lives to senseless violence. The purpose of the tournament is to showcase athletics with artistic talent to promote peace and exposure for the youth. The showcase is played in three (3) different boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan) at three (3) different venues that were essential in Tayshana's development in her gift of basketball. At the time of her passing, Tayshana Murphy was ranked #16 girls basketball player in the nation. We begin the tournament in Brooklyn during the 1st week of August at Sternberg Park (aka Lindsay Park). The round robin tournament will continue for 4 consecutive days. We then travel to Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior High School in Queens during the 2nd week of August to begin the Elimination Round of the Playoffs. The Semi-finals and Finals are held at Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior High School (I.S. 204) in Queens, NY with many children in attendance from the Hanac Astoria Beacon summer day camp. We give out free snacks, t-shirts, and drawstring bags to the kids attending the games. We have multiple performances by youth organizations during halftime of all the games. In between games we conduct tributes to families that are still striving to move forward after the loss of their loved ones. We have hosted the Ball N Peace All Star Game at Dunlevy Milbank Center in Harlem, New York in August 2015 and August 2016. We also hosted our Ball N Peace All Star Game in conjunction with the New York Liberty at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey in August 2013. We would like to host the 2017 Ball N Peace All Star Game at Riverbank State Park in Upper Manhattan, New York. All donations and sponsorships for the Ball N Peace Citywide Showcase go to the Tayshana Chicken Murphy Foundation to promote peace and empower men and women through positive programs and initiatives. The Ball N Peace Basketball Tournament was established in August 2012. The tournament was formed in honor of Tayshana “Chicken” Murphy and all the young people who met their physical demise due to gun violence and destructive acts. The purpose of the tournament is to utilize anti-violence organizations, youth empowerment groups, and positive entertainment to sow seeds of peace in our youth. Ultimately we use the platform of basketball and entertainment to gather young people and discuss solutions to the violence in our community.  
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