We are excited to announce the official announcement of the Tayshana Chicken Murphy Foundation receiving a grant through our partnership with the Osborne Association and the Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub.
Please read the press release from Manhattan District Attorney Cryus Vance.

Investment Targets New Yorkers Impacted by June 2014 Law Enforcement Intervention at
Manhattanville and Grant Houses
Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., today announced the investment of $3
million to create an innovative, West Harlem-based reentry and community healing
program. The 3.5-year grant was awarded to the Osborne Association in partnership with
the Central/West Harlem Youth Opportunity Hub and the Tayshana Chicken Murphy
Foundation. The D.A.’s Office is providing these grants through its Criminal Justice
Investment Initiative (“CJII”), which D.A. Vance created using millions seized in
investigations against major banks.

This multi-faceted program is a direct response to a June 2014 law enforcement
intervention in ongoing gang violence that resulted in the arrest and prosecution of 103
individuals living in the Manhattanville and Grant housing developments and surrounding
areas. The new West Harlem Community Restoration and Reentry Project is designed to
sustain the reduction in violence that resulted from law enforcement actions, address
trauma resulting from the intervention, and promote long-term healing among residents.
“Helping New Yorkers successfully reenter their communities is not just the right thing to
do, it helps keeps us safe,” said District Attorney Vance. “The June 2014 law enforcement
intervention which interrupted the gang violence in the Manhattanville and Grant housing
developments led to a precipitous drop in the gun violence that had plagued those blocks.
To maintain that reduction in violence, we need to invest in the people returning from
prison, and the communities to which they will return. This groundbreaking investment will
help West Harlem continue to heal through trauma-informed services with the help of
credible messengers and mentors.”

“The rippling impact of the 2014 police raids in the Manhattanville and Grant houses
affected hundreds of children and families and the entire West Harlem community,” said
Osborne Association President and CEO Elizabeth Gaynes. “Osborne is thrilled to support
the leadership of people from this vital community, including our partners, the Tayshana
Chicken Murphy Foundation and the Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub. We are
grateful to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s office for their emphasis on
addressing the trauma resulting from the raid, bolstering capacity for local community based
organizations, promoting long-term community healing, and supporting the
successful return home of people incarcerated as a result of the raid.”
“We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with Osborne Association and the
Tayshana Chicken Murphy Foundation on this historic and groundbreaking endeavor to
assist our fellow community members with the reentry process,” said Rev. Maurice Winley.
“As the founder of the Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub which is a Credible
Messenger led organization that prioritizes healing and transformation from trauma, it
brings me great joy to be a recipient of this investment from the Criminal Justice
Investment Initiative. LRYOH’s mission is Saving Lives and Healing Communities One
Relationship at a Time, through this investment and partnership we have been empowered
to be a catalyst for community led restorative justice.”

“The Tayshana Chicken Murphy Foundation would like to extend its gratitude to District
Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. and the District Attorney’s Office for making this well needed
investment to the community of West Harlem,” said Taylonn Murphy Sr. “We would also
like to thank our partners the Osborne Association and Living Redemption Youth Hub for
believing in what we see to be a very unique collaboration of experience and expertise to
bring peace and healing to the West Harlem Community.”

“This partnership between the Osborne Association, the Central/West Harlem Youth
Opportunity Hub, and the Tayshana Chicken Murphy Foundation brings together extensive
experience providing reentry services and intimate knowledge of and deep connections
within the community, in a collaborative effort with law enforcement – all crucial to the goals
of this project,” said Michael P. Jacobson, Executive Director of the CUNY Institute for
State and Local Governance (ISLG). “I commend DA Vance for supporting this unique
initiative and congratulate all partners.”

Grant Recipients
The Osborne Association: The Osborne Association works in partnership with
individuals, families, and communities to create opportunities for people affected by the
criminal justice system to further develop their strengths and lead lives of responsibility and
contribution. Osborne designs, implements, and advocates for solutions that prevent and
reduce the damage caused by crime and incarceration, and their programs offer a broad
range of treatment, education, and vocational services to more than 12,000 people
involved in the criminal justice system each year. Osborne has more than 300 staff in
community sites, prisons and jails in New York who work at every point of the continuum,
from arrest and pre-entry, through jail and prison, to reentry, including children and families
affected by crime and the criminal justice system.

Tayshana Chicken Murphy Foundation: The Tayshana Chicken Murphy Foundation is a
community grassroots organization founded in 2012 in honor of Tayshana “Chicken”
Murphy and all young people who have lost their lives to senseless gun violence. Taylonn
Murphy Sr., whose daughter Tayshana Chicken Murphy was killed outside the Grant
Houses by a resident of the Manhattanville Houses, and whose son was prosecuted in the
law enforcement intervention, created the foundation to serve at-risk teens likely to be
victims of gun violence. Family and friends from various areas of New York City helped the
foundation create youth empowerment programs and support other organizations that
have similar initiatives designed to uplift and educate young people in underserved and
underprivileged communities.

Central/West Harlem Youth Opportunity Hub: The West Harlem Youth Opportunity Hub,
also known as the Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub, is a community-based
initiative in Central Harlem funded through the Manhattan District Attorney’s Criminal
Justice Initiative in affiliation with Community Connections for Youth. The Hub provides
one-stop, comprehensive support for at-risk youth and young adults, specifically African
American and Latino males age 10-24, in order to prevent them from becoming involved in
the criminal justice system.
West Harlem Community Restoration and Reentry Project
The project is designed to: (1) promote healing and improve relations within the West
Harlem community, as well as between members of the community and local law
enforcement, (2) improve outcomes for individuals reentering West Harlem and the
surrounding community from jail or prison; and (3) build the capacity of existing local
community-based organizations in West Harlem to engage and address the needs and
opportunities of community members with a focus on violence prevention.

The Osborne Association and its partners will provide direct reentry services for the 103
individuals that were criminally charged in the 2014 Manhattanville/Grant intervention
through a three-pronged approach using credible messenger mentoring, restorative justice
and a capacity-building incubator:
Credible Messengers: Credible messengers, or mentors who have passed through
the justice system, will be matched with individuals prosecuted in the 2014 law
enforcement intervention to provide individualized support and structured group
mentoring throughout their transition back to the community. Services and programs
will include an Alternatives to Violence Program, Individual Success Plan
conferencing, SIMBA (Strong, Intelligent Minds Building Alliances) groups,
Motivational Interviewing, court and social service accompaniment, and 24-hour oncall
crisis support, among others.

Restorative Justice: The Central/West Harlem Youth Opportunity Hub and the
Tayshana Chicken Murphy Foundation partners will implement restorative justice
programming, which seeks to address harm and foster healing through collective
processes to strengthen the community. Guided by a map of opportunities and
needs, these partners will lead healing circles of various sizes and configurations,
including accountability circles, peacekeeping circles, restorative dialogues, family
group conferences, and restorative conferences. Ultimately, the program aims to
infuse restorative justice principles into West Harlem’s culture.
Capacity-building Incubator: The capacity-building incubator will empower and
resource existing local community-based organizations in administering services
and supports to promote public safety in the Manhattanville and Grant Houses and
surrounding community. Three existing local community-based organizations
engaged in anti-violence work in West Harlem will receive micro-grants of up to
$20,000 per year over three years, in addition to training and technical assistance in
fundraising, performance measurement, technology, and financial management.
These micro-grants, which be awarded following a separate solicitation process led
by the Osborne Association, will strengthen the operations and reach of local
organizations to sustain the health of their community.

The West Harlem Community Restoration and Reentry Project program is expected to
serve approximately 519 New Yorkers.


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